Once Upon A Time...

There was a girl living in THE GREAT city of Atlanta, Georgia from a little town in Michigan called Ypsilanti. She's a big city, country girl who loves simple things like ice cream, binge watching TV and reading a good book. She's a little nosy and loves "people watching" so photography is right up her alley.
Here are just a few things that may help you get to know a little more about me!


After my divorce I had to start a new life with 3 small children in tow. So, I did what most moms do...I buckled down and figured out what my next steps would be and photography helped me heal and find my place in the world again.


I never thought that something I love could be something others love too. When you contact me, I see it as the most amazing gift because we get to talk and figure out how we can make your thoughts a photographic reality that you can be proud of.


I know you want more than just a photo. You want a memory that sparks emotion, smiles and laughter. A photograph is a memorable pause in your life. You want a handheld expression of that moment in time and I want to be a part of that with you.


I want you to have the very best experience!
My overall goal is to see you smile. (PUN INTENDED)
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