LaJoy Photography presents THE SIX FIGURE HUSTLE WORKSHOP!

LaJoy Photography presents THE SIX FIGURE HUSTLE WORKSHOP!

Financial independence is always the ultimate goal for any business owner. I decided to link up with renowned wedding photographer LaJoy Cox of LaJoy Photography. This workshop threw my goals for my business into high gear. Important aspects like branding, accounting, photo retouching and client focus were discussed in great detail with no sugar coating. I met some great women who had like-minded vision and expectations for their own businesses and we just had a really great time together.

It was a relief to finally attend a workshop that was no nonsense, no fluff…straight, no chaser. LaJoy worked one-on-one with us and gave us real world advice and suggestions on moving forward and building our business for the long haul. A big shout to my fellow photographers Stephanie Weekes of @stephaniebrianaphotography, Aneesah Robinson of @arobphotos and LaTonya Smothers of @me_b4_you_photography! These ladies are trailblazers and it was great to be with entrepreneurs that have a passion for the art of photography.

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    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

    • browneye

      Thank you so much. I appreciate your appreciation. Stay safe out there.

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